Kismet Garage

The Kismet Garage is the 'big bertha' of the Kismet range - or at least the biggest bertha I've found. Its a large heavyweight pump obviously intended for use in garages and motor maintenance workshops - but not ideally suited for the boot of a car. In the garage it might have been a case of the car being brought to the pump!

The 'Garage' pumps up to a very high pressure - I've heard of several hundred psi? After full refurbishment, I've tested this to 60 psi with both a pressure gauge and on a tyre - and it was still going strong.



I've also heard it said - forget where - that the "Garage' was used in the second World War to pump up the pressure vessels on aerodromes used to start Spitfires and Hurricanes in the battle of Britain - compressed air starting? Not sure about this - I hope the story is true - does anyone have more information?


This particular Garage is my only example. I've fully restored it to Category I with all internals overhauled, replaced, fully oiled etc. Its been stripped, cleaned, repainted and polished on the outside. It comes with a beautiful adjustable brass connector at the end of the hose- unfortunately this is too big for many modern cars with plastic wheel covers and small valve apertures.



But perfectly OK for proper alloy or uncovered steel wheels with a normal protruding valve stem. Connection hose is also old - but probably not the original.A real beauty which has a prominent position in my display cabinet!